2D/3D scan

The 2D scanner from Rothballer

With the help of the 2D scanner, the shape of the foot becomes apparent. The feet are measured, whereby the exact foot size is calculated and thus the exact shoe size can also be calculated. In addition, a digital footprint can be created in a very short time.

Through the 2D scan, a report can be created for the doctor, which provides insight into the visual scan. Through the scan, your individual insoles can be optimally adjusted!

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Possible uses of 2D/ 3D scans

  • Orthotic supply
  • Baby supply with head orthoses
  • Preparation for 3D printing

Eva – the 3D scanner from Artec

Within a very short time, objects can be transformed into textured and accurate 3D models. Since the models have exact dimensions and are high-resolution, they can be used in many ways. In the healthcare industry, the printer is used a lot for orthotics and prosthetics. The use of 3D scanning makes sense in combination with a 3D printer.

Since 3D scanning is not yet suitable for scanning the interior of objects, our Research & Development department is currently developing an interior volume measuring device. By combining conventional 3D scanning and the interior volume measuring device, a very precise complete body measurement is possible.

Florian Krassel and Maximilian Normann stand proudly in front of the shop door.

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We create medical aids that support you in maintaining and restoring mobility.

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Orthoses provide guidance, stability, relief or immobilisation for the affected joint.

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