Lower leg prostheses

Lower leg and foot prostheses

A transtibial prosthesis is always used when parts of the leg have to be amputated after an accident or illness. It also happens that limitations that exist from birth are compensated for with a transtibial prosthesis.

The prosthesis must ensure good stability for the user and restore mobility as best as possible. To ensure a safe and comfortable gait, all transtibial prostheses are individually adapted to the user.

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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Components of a lower leg prosthesis

  • Shaft
  • Liner
  • Knee cap (optional)
  • Connecting element
  • Prosthetic foot

Individual advice on lower leg prosthesis

In our medical supply store, we provide you with comprehensive advice on your current or upcoming prosthesis fitting.

It is important to take into account the circumstances of your life as well as your work and hobbies when developing the lower leg prosthesis. The aim is to imitate the function of the amputated body part as much as possible.

So we are not only at your side during the creation of the prosthesis, we also continue to accompany you afterwards and are available to you with advice and support.

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Additional Services

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