HTV silicone

With silicone to the matching socket

A fitting socket is the basis for an optimal prosthetic fitting. If it does not fit perfectly, even the most modern prosthesis fitting cannot be used properly. In our own silicone workshop, we manufacture a combination of silicone inner socket and carbon outer socket for you.

In addition, the silicone increases the adhesion of the socket to the residual limb. The use of the HTV silicone socket provides a higher degree of safety, as the movement of the residual limb can be optimally transferred to the prosthesis socket and the prosthesis. As a result, the functionality is considerably improved. The HTV silicone socket can be used with any degree of mobility!

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The advantages of HTV silicone

  • High wearing comfort
  • High flexibility
  • Very good adhesion in the denture socket
  • Hardly any perspiration
  • Skin-friendly properties (breathable, anti-allergenic, can be sterilised)
  • Easy to clean
  • Stump muscles can work well
  • Meets medical requirements

We manufacture everything in our silicone workshop

Another advantage is that sensitive and short residual limbs can be treated very well – this is due to the processing with soft silicone. Due to the elastic and flexible shaft edge, the shaft adapts to every movement. The ergonomic shape of the outer shaft supports the freedom of movement gained.

A particular advantage of this technology is that scar entrapments, bone growths (so-called exostoses) or other sensitive areas can be bedded by different silicone hardnesses.

We can manufacture the HTV silicone socket in our own silicone workshop. This keeps the distances short and you have a contact person on site. In addition, we can produce your socket in an individual colour. And if you have skin intolerances, we can produce the socket in a colourless version – also for allergy sufferers!

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