Medical supply store

We offer discreet, individual and personal advice.

Our medical supply store offers you a wide range of supportive, preventive and beneficial medical aids.

Our employees impress with their high level of expertise and are committed to helping you in the best possible way.

We provide you with competent advice in the following areas:

  • Individual mobility aids
  • Medical aids for the musculoskeletal system
  • Seat cushions, sleeping and resting cushions
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Care of burn scars
Florian Krassel and Maximilian Normann stand proudly in front of the shop door.

Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us!

040 60926080

Additional Services

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Selected products for health, vitality, care and to enhance your quality of life.

An icon representing a prosthetic leg in grey.

We create medical aids that support you in maintaining and restoring mobility.

An icon that represents a foot orthosis in grey.

Orthoses provide guidance, stability, relief or immobilisation for the affected joint.

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We will be happy to take time for you personally and visit you in your own four walls.

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