Custom insoles

They carry us to every place, our feet. That’s why we should pay regular attention to them. In addition to foot care, custom-made insoles can also provide a better quality of life.

Often problems with the back, hips or knees have a connection with our feet. For this reason, it is even more important that feet are perfectly bedded. Individual custom insoles can:

  • support
  • bedding
  • stabilize

We would be happy to advise you on possible cost assumptions.

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Custom made insoles and their potential

It is already known to many people that the health of their feet is closely linked to the choice of appropriate footwear. It’s a fact that 20% of the German population using custom insoles in their shoes. Impressively, however, roughly twice that number could benefit from custom-made insoles, even though they may not know it yet.

Insoles are proving to be truly versatile: In addition to their ability to relieve pain associated with foot malpositions, they even demonstrate a preventative effect. It is therefore clear that the importance of insoles for foot health and well-being cannot be underestimated.

How to get your insoles

You come to us and receive an individual measurement by 2D scan and foot pressure measurement. If necessary, we will also advise you and take a close look at your feet and gait pattern. This is how we find out which insole is the best for you.

We offer the following insoles:

  • Sports insoles
  • Diabetic insoles
  • Soft bedding insoles
  • Sensorimotor insoles
  • Heel spur insoles
  • Insoles for children’s feet
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Additional Services

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Selected products for health, vitality, care and to enhance your quality of life.

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We create medical aids that support you in maintaining and restoring mobility.

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Orthoses provide guidance, stability, relief or immobilisation for the affected joint.

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We will be happy to take time for you personally and visit you in your own four walls.

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