Gonarthrosis orthoses

A gonarthrosis orthosis relieves and stabilises

A gonarthrosis orthosis relieves pain on the inside or outside of the knee in case of joint disease, injury or instability. An example of a gonarthrosis orthosis is the Genutrain OA. This orthosis is very comfortable thanks to lightweight, breathable 3D mesh fabric and a pressure-free flexion zone in the hollow of the knee. The many advantages of the Genutrain OA make it a comfortable companion even over longer periods of time.

  • Noticeably relieves the knee
  • Intensity of relief can be adjusted as needed
  • Regains activity and well-being

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What is gonarthrosis?

The joint surface of the knee joint is covered with a layer of cartilage. If this layer becomes thinner or wears away, the diagnosis is osteoarthritis of the knee. Doctors also refer to this wear and tear as gonarthrosis.

Damage to knee cartilage can increase the pressure on the underlying bone. To compensate, the joint surface enlarges and bony spikes form at the edge. This makes the knee joint less flexible and the cartilage damage increases. The bones move closer together and the joint space narrows further. In the advanced stage, when the bone is hardly protected and the joint space disappears completely, the knee joint becomes rigid and immobile.

We find the right gonarthrosis orthosis for you

To find a suitable product for you, you can rely on our competent team in the medical supply store. For optimal care, we use proven products from leading manufacturers such as Bauerfeind or Össur.

Below you will find two high-quality products with which our customers have had very good experiences so far:

  • Genutrain OA
  • Unloader One X
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